5 Top Advices When You Travel

We know that when you travel one of your accessories must be a camera, and we also know that sometimes this can be really annoying or maybe the best choice you’ve ever done!

5 Top Advices When You Travel

Today we’re going to guide you through 5 simple advices to make your trip more easily going with your camera. Some people think this is a nightmare thanks to all your camera accessories and the weight/space it occupies in your suitcase.

With these 5 top advices we’ll guide you to have a successful/light trip with a professional camera in just a few steps!

1. Lens Selection

One of the most important things when you’re going to travel will be the lenses selection. I know, that as a professional photographer you’ll love to bring the most you can, but if you want to have an easygoing trip you’ll have to decide between the lenses.

You’ll need a maximum of three (3) lenses/options to have a comfortable experience in your travel:

  • One (1) of 50mm (F1.2, F1.4 and F1.8): this lens will give you the capacity to have good shoots in the night, it registers good videos and it’s really small and not heavy for long walks (my favorite one).
  • One (1) Telephoto (55-250mm, 75-300mm, 70-300mm or 70-200mm): This is perfect when your target if really far. It’s better if you have a lens with a “image stabilizer” because the weight/precision will make a little bit of movement when you’re shooting and you don’t want to have a bad picture and lose your only chance to shoot in some cases. So, these lenses are really heavy in their kind of way, they’re a good choice if you know where you’ll use it (shooting animals, nature details from long distances) but if you’re not going to use it, the lens will be really annoying to carry with.
  • One (1) lens (series from 10mm to 55mm): With these lenses you’ll capture the whole place that’s why it’s so important. Also, you can have other good options thanks to the variety of their frame/zoom. These types on lenses are not very heavy and give you several options, so they’re the best for traveling!

5 Top Advices When You Travel

NOTE: If you have a good lens between 18mm and 200/300mm you’ll just need the 50mm and one of this (open/wide angle and a telephoto at the same time) or if you have a wide angle/telephoto with a diaphragm of F1.8 or F2.0 you’ll not need the 50mm. It’s up to you! Just remember to have: a lightly lens, telephoto and wide angle/open frame. If you have these 3 options in 2 lenses you’ll not need more than that!

2. The Backpack

With this you have 2 options; it will all depends on what type of trip you’re going to do and the space you’ll have in your suitcases. The first option: you want to bring your camera backpack, which it has, a good protection for the weather; very comfortable but a little bit big (this counts as a handbag or a little suitcase in some airlines and you will only have your camera accessories, no more than that).

The second option: it’s to have a backpack big enough to put your camera and lenses when you’re going to do long walks and also including your personal stuffs at the same time (literally this is your handbag, one piece lots of stuffs) you’ll put your camera/lenses in your baggage meanwhile you’re traveling in the airplane/train/ship (if it’s necessary).

If you choose this option; remember to bring lots lens cases or of Ziploc sacs (less expensive) to protect your camera and tech-accessories (you’ll keep everything clean and save) and this is a “MUST” if you’re going into an adventure trip (trekking).

5 Top Advices When You Travel

3. No External Flash Please

The external flash is really important if you’re doing an event, but if you’re going to travel believe me that it doesn’t worth it! It will just occupy lot of space and it’s kind of heavy too. Remember, your camera comes with an incorporate flash, which it’s not that bad to take photos at night (just in some case you’ll need it) but if you’ve chosen good lenses; believe me you’ll not need to incorporate the internal flash either.

If you bring an external flash you’ll need batteries too; all of this will take so much space in your luggage. Try to keep simple, most of the time your best photos will be during the daylight, we know that vacations nights are more to have a little bit of fun! Use a low velocity and have fun with the nightlights!

5 Top Advices When You Travel

4. Never Forget

You should never forget a few important things as a photographer; the camera battery, the camera’s recharger, lots of memory cards (in case you’re not bringing your laptop) and some special cleaner tissues. Also, you should always bring lots of Ziplocs and special cases for your lenses and other accessories, remember that sometimes you don’t how’s going to be the weather and mostly if you’re going to a trekking trip into the wild.

5 Top Advices When You Travel

5. The Clothes

This could sound like “Why a photographer writes about clothes?” Well, let me tell you that if you’re not comfortable, believe me that you’ll not survive the day. The most important thing is to have a good pair of shoes very comfortable for long walks and also with a waterproof system (WPS). If you have pants/jacket with lots of pockets (this is the best) because you don’t need to open/close your backpack/handbag to search for another memory card or another lens or accessory, you just keep them close to you (easy search if the key #1).

Maybe this can look very extreme but you need to have a big hat; if you’re going to do long walks in sunny days and mostly if you’re not used to. If you choose a cap this will not be very practical in every moment you’ll shoot with your camera (it interferes the lens with the cap). Also, a little “koala bag” or little lens cases could be very helpful to make easygoing the exchange between lenses.

5 Top Advices When You Travel

5 Top Advices When You Travel

One last thing you need to know is that you should never bring a tripod at least you’re doing a photography trip (your target is just to go and take pictures), in other cases remember to always have the camera cord, keep it simple and light.

Here you have 5 basic advices when you’re going to travel! Remember these steps and you’ll not have any problem in your trip. You want to have success just remind you the following words: simplicity, comfortable, protection and variety! If it’s a yes, you’ve done a good job! Have a good trip and see you in the next post!

HEY! If you’re going in a van trip forget everything I said and bring whatever you want! Shh.. More options mean more art!

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