How To Take Good Photos Of A Tattooed Person ?

We live in a world where the tattoos are very famous and popular; this is the new generation of acceptance. It’s incredible how something that was very “illegal” in the society has become one of the most amazing arts.

Tattoo Photography

For those, who don’t know what’s a tattoo: it’s the injection of different colors of ink to create an image or a phrase/word in the skin body (you can’t take it off) this is a choice for ever!

Today we’re going to guide you how to take really good pictures of tattooed people, it’s almost the same thing as regular photography, the different will be in how many tattoos this person has, because this means more elements in your picture; which you need to be very careful with tattoo photography.

1. The Positions

You’re going to put the person in the frame of your camera, but one thing you need to be very careful is “What are you going to photograph?” a full body or just a pat of it, because if there’s a tattoo involved in the part you’ll show it completely; NEVER CUT IT please! This is a game about good-looking geometry.

Tattoo Photography

2. The Balance of Colors

Another thing about tattoos is that they can be very colorful or just in black in white; if you’re going to do a photo in black in white you need to see if the tattoos looks good in bnw, and if it’s in color you need to choose a good balance; because you’re not only going to change the light and the skin color, you’ll modify the whole tattoos and maybe they’re not going to look very good, just try different balance of colors to have the perfect one. Be careful with this!

Tattoo Photography

3. The Expressions

One good thing you can do to have some originals photos is to play with the expressions, tattooed people are already expressive with their tattoos but this could give a “twist” to your pictures. You can play with happy faces and a lovely position with a tattooed person where all his give us another impression. This could be really fun! Play with the opposites!

Tattoo Photography

4. The Theme

I think this is the best of photographing tattooed people, you can play with different themes and show the tattoos, this will be very impacting. Par example, you can use a theme of the 50’s with the whole wardrobe and the environment with a girl all tattooed (this never happened in that age) so, this will give an original and interesting flow to your pictures. You can put a military in the II World Ward all tattooed and the controversy/contrast will be amazing! Play and do your series!

Tattoo Photography

5. Live In The Studio

I’m not talking about the photography studio, I’m talking to cover a tattoo studio, where people go and do their tattoos, here you can have amazing histories; most of the time a tattoo artist is the psychologist of the client (tattooed person) here you can ask for permission (give them the photos in return) you can do a series about their histories and what’s the meaning of their tattoo. Go and let your imagination take the camera!

Tattoo Photography

6. The Light

With the set lights you can play a lot with tattooed people, this will be awesome! You can have some hard contrast and take advantage of the tattoos colors. Most of the time you will put the background all dark of maybe with a little bit of light behind the person to create a separation from the background, but too much light in the back will take out all the contrast of the picture. Like we always said, you need to play. It wills all depend on what you’re looking for as an artist!

Tattoo Photography

7. The Conversation

You need to settle a good conversation before the photoshoot; a difference about a tattooed person and the ones who don’t have: are the tattoos. So, you need to create a good environment for the set and also explain them your idea, we don’t want to create a misunderstanding between you and the photographed person, because some people can be really discriminate in the way they talk and their ideas, so you need to explain and make everything clear since the beginning.

Tattoo Photography

Well, hope you loved these tips to do a good photoshoot with tattooed people; this is really interesting as a subject because everybody wants a tattoo nowadays, and so you can make a different. You can make society understand some issues with your photos and most of all you can create a new style! It’s up to you! Good luck and see you in the next post!

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