Basic Tips: Street Art Photography

Nowadays, we live in a world where is art in each corner. The big cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and so many others have increased their passion for the art business giving originality and creativity to their streets with amazing graffitists, murals and a lot of art in their walls.

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Today we’re going to introduce you to the world of the street art, you’ll now about the parameters you need to use, the best lenses and how to take advantage of this to do amazing photos!

First Stop + The Camera

To take good photos of the street art you need to have a camera with interchangeable lenses, this is a most for this type of photography; not because you need a professional one, is more for the zooming and the quality this give you when you’re far away or just to give a little artistic twist to the photos; playing with low velocities and also to control the light around you (remember that the street art is always exposed to the sun or maybe hide in the shadows of a tree).

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Second Stop + The Lens

For a camera of interchangeable lenses you need to have a good one lens at least. For this type of photography I recommend a long distance one “telephoto” with a maximum of 200mm – 300mm is my recommendation. This will be your best friend for this type of photos, sometimes we have murals that are pretty far and it’s difficult to have access to it, so with this lens you can take photos as you were in front of it.

Of course you’ll need also a wide frame lens if you want to take a photo of the full mural; if not you have to walk pretty far to have this. Also, a recommendation is a 50mm, I don’t know why but I love this lens; it’s very practical for every type of photography, and for the street art it can be very original thanks to the openness (lightly lens) by the way is easy to carry on if you have to walk a lot and this one give you a cool unfocused background to be more creative with your shoots.

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Third + The Angle

When taking about street art photography the angles are very important; if you’re doing a series if would be better that you don’t use the same angle for all your pictures, I mean you can play with the law of thirds or with the lines and corners of your screen. You’ll see that your pictures will be more original and authentic, just play with the different angles and don’t stay just in front of the mural with a “normal shoot”.

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Fourth + Re-search

Before you go and just walk searching a good piece of art in the street; do a re-search! Yes, this is very important, per example in Montreal (Canada) they always do the MURAL Festival during the beginning of the summer through all the Saint-Laurent Street, so maybe when you’ll be visiting this city or if you live here you know where to go. This will save you lots of time walking without finding a good mural or street art in the city.

Fifth + Actions

The best thing you can do is to take people during the moment of creation. When there’s a festival is easy to catch the artist meanwhile they do their murals, but if not is really difficult. One good thing you can do is to follow the artist by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll now their next point of creation; a photo like this worth ten thousand more than the finish one.

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Six + Color

It’s truth that almost all murals have beautiful colors, so you never should doubt in taking your pictures in color mode; the black and white works for the ones that are painted in two colors, but mostly if there are lots of lines in black in the mural it could be very insteresting. Everything’s up to you, anyways is better to take them in RAW and in color, if you want you can’t change them after in Photoshop.

Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Seven + Quality

Taking this type of photography I always recommend to use a high quality; use always a RAW format and the best camera you have. This will change the whole thing, you’ll have an amazing result and your pictures could be in a contest or you can do an exposition after and you’ll not have problems with the range of quality for the print size.


Basic Tips Street Art Photography

Here you have 7 tips to have an amazing street art photos, remember to follow your favorite artist to know where they’re going to paint their next mural, per example: Banksy. Also, all the most popular big cities in the world have street art; so take your camera, a confortable pair of shoes and let’s do the ride!

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