Smartphone Photography Tips

Henry Cartier, Ansel Adams, Herbert List and many others were great photographers of their times. Regardless of less favoring situation and limited technology they were known to the world with their special experience in photography. What is the difference now?

Smartphone Photography Tips -

You have everything, Smartphone and readily installable applications that can help you convert anything to unforgettable memory in your phone. Probability these photography gurus hard experience and great knowledge in photography technique – they learn them from the scratch! So will you learn from the scratch too? No! You are lucky since you are going to get them now and freely.

Proper focusing for smartphone photography

Look at the screen and also at the object that you want to take a photo of. Make sure it is correctly focused by moving close or further from the object. It is also advisable to touch the part of the object in your screen that you want it to be focused before taking a snap.

It is bad to zoom

Zooming before taking photos makes image look blurred and also reduces quality. Smartphone doesn’t have physical lens that magnifies object as you zoom. Therefore this means that you are cropping before taking digital photos which lowers the quality of image. It is much better to avoid zooming before taking photographs. Instead you can try camera lens for clear zooming.

Smartphone Photography Tips -

Use photo editing app

Such tools will allow you to straighten, crop and even improve quality of your photograph with help of a filter. Most of them like adobe Photoshop express, GIMP and Pixlr will cost you nothing and they are easy to use.

Avoid flashing

It is very important for you to use natural light for photography rather than flash. Taking photos from outside is a great idea but if you need an indoor one it is highly advisable to take in near a lighting source like windows but not directly since light might be too much-Take it at an angle.

Smartphone Photography Tips -

Always use back camera

Back cameras are stronger than front ones and therefore they can take more clear images. Despite the growing popularity of front cameras selfies, back cameras offer the best. Old is gold and that’s why you need to implement this older means of another person taking a photo of you-it is much better.

You are already a great Smartphone photographer, implements the above techniques and see the results-you will be surprised.

Smartphone Photography Tips -

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