What Size Should I Sell My Photos ?

When it comes to photography we all know that a sort point we want to sell our passion to the world, not only for events or photo-shoots, I mean you can have that little extra budget by selling lots of images by Internet. But there’s always one question everybody is asking for: Which is the ideal size?

What Size Should I Sell My Photos

So, today we’re going to help you a little bit with it; in photography all the deals can change, sometimes it depends about the client, sometimes it depends about you.

The Internet can be a powerful tool when it comes to sales; this helps a lot of artists and enterprises to create their brand with free publicity; using the different social networks, also the stocks of images for photography. The Internet makes our career as artists easier to be expanded.


The Best Size Comes With A Good Price:

What Size Should I Sell My Photos

  • If you’re going to sell a digital picture in Internet, it means you have to sell it with a good quality in pixels and with the original size; only if your photo have a considerable price, because by giving a photo in the original size means anybody can do anything with it, so be careful is you’re going to sell it too cheap; maybe after you’ll see your photo everywhere in the city.
  • You can sell your picture in a Medium Size (1920×1080) by 25$. This is a good price and also it’s perfect if your costumer wants to do some impressions after or to put them in the web; this will improve your portfolio and also it will give you lot of publicity.
  • They are pages likes fiverr.com where you can sell your pictures or offer a quit edition/photo by 5$, please be noticed that you have to sell them in a small size; don’t worth to give a higher size if you can’t put a higher price.
  • In the websites for image’s stock are different sizes when you “download” an image; with each different size, you have a different price. These types of websites rest with certain percentage of your sales.
  • You can sell your pictures by the social networks (if you have lots of followers) and do the transaction by PayPal or with a bank transfer. Never forget to have a good license in creative commons of your work (Internet can be really tricky)
  • If you’re going to sell a printed image is a lot easier. You have the basic sizes: 2,5×3,5 – 4,6 – 5×7 – 8×10 and I could keep going forever, just remember to change the size in Photoshop or in another photography’s program before sending it to the printer shop or laboratory.


Best Recommendation:

What Size Should I Sell My Photos

You can use the Internet to sell in different sites, but the best for you it’s to do your own site where you can have a “Shop-Cart” for your pictures, here you can put different sizes with it different prices, maybe some images will be more expensive than others; it’s your art and only you know what picture was harder to take or maybe the one you spent more time and money in the making. Here, you have the control of your own work and also you’ll not be missing any cent, and I’m using the social networks as publicity’s tool.

Remember, every time you export an image; export them in their original size. If you’re going to send them to the web, export them in different sizes in separate folders with the name of the website, this will helps for your organization.

So, there’s no ideal size for an image, it all depends in what you’re going to do and where you’re going to sell it. But, if I have to chose one, I’d chose a Medium Size (1920×1080) for digital image it looks nice on TV’s, computers, sites, impressions (most of them) and also you can sell it in a considerable price between 20$ – 30$, and for the printed ones, I’d go for the biggest 30×20.

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