How Much Does a Professional Model Cost ?

Today we’re going to explain in details how is the cost for a photo-shoot with a professional model. This is a very tricky subject and most of the times photographers make huge mistakes when we talk about the cost of a pro model, that’s why today you’re going to know everything about it.

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

To begin, I’ll let you know that when we talk about “Professional Models” this means it’s going to be a little bit expensive if you want a good result.

So, I’m going to enumerate different type of models and the different type of price for each one, so you’ll not be taken out of subject in your future projects.

Models VS. Price:

1. Top Models

When we talk about “Top Models” I’m talking of the type of models like: Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gisele Bundchen, and all the top models of the industry. These girls will cost almost all the savings of your life, I mean they will charge a huge quantity of money, at least you’re a famous photographer in the fashion industry or a fashion designer and they will take advantage of your success, but most of the time it’s really difficult to make an appointment with them, I mean with their manager (I guaranteed you they’re already booked for the rest of the year) I don’t want to disappoint you, but maybe you can discover the next top model without expending a lot.

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

2. Professional Models (Huge Agencies)

These professional models, their price is more reasonable, and you can contact them through the agencies. Most of the agencies will charge a percentage to their models or maybe to the photographer, but whatever it’s the case these models will cost more than 150$ p/hour or most of the times it will be by project and not by hour, the project will probably cost you at least 1500$ for each model plus the agency fees (The models for “High Fashion” will cost you more than the “Commercial Models”).

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

3. Professional Models (Small Agencies)

For the models of the small agencies the cost probably will be between 50$ – 100$ p/hour with the agency fees, this is something down to earth for us; the ordinary people. You can have a good photo-shoot with a pro model without expending all your money. I’ll recommend going with this option; search for the agencies in your town, you will not be disappointed.

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

4. Independent Pro Models

Maybe this option will be the chosen one for photographers who wants to improve their portfolio, the good about the independent models is that you can find really good models for an excellent price (You can make a good deal with them) and if you’re lucky maybe your model will do it for free; a talent exchange (TFP). These kind of models maybe will charge you between 25$ – 50$ p/hour or maybe a fixed price for the half-day or the whole day (Always less than 1000$) this will depend on the type of project you want to do.

But no everything’s magic here, the truth is maybe this can cost you less and have a good result but also you don’t have an agency support, so maybe your model will never show up or maybe she or he is not for real or what you expected for; most of the time you’ll find them by internet. So, be careful in which page you’re searching for and good luck with this option!

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

5. TFP Models / Amateur Models

WOW! We arrived to “Free Cost” where most of the time is a “Talent Exchange” you give them the pictures and they give you back their work as models; this is a good option for a good Internet’s publicity in the social networks to improve the talent of you both. I recommend this for the amateur photographers and models, this will give you the chance to experiment and play with your camera without stress.

If you’re a professional photographer searching the next Top Model of the industry this option is really good for you, but if you’re looking an amateur model for a paid project with a client; this will be the chaos (Most of the time the amateur models don’t have the experience to be in a huge campaign) and maybe your client will not be satisfied.

How Much Does A Professional Model Cost

Here you have five options when you’re searching a model with a good price. Remember everything for free is not always good, sometimes we need to invest a little bit more to have a bigger result at the end. It all depends on what you’re looking for as a photographer and also what your clients want for their enterprises. I wish the best luck in your research!

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