Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog

We know that nowadays everybody is doing a blog, and you can see it exits lots of bloggers in any kind of industry: food, fashion, photography, spirituality, technology and any type of area in our world. Have you ever asked to yourself: What do we need to do a photography blog?

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

Well, the answer is really easy; to increase the recognition and the possibility to have more jobs. Also, at one time you’ll realize you have a lot of experience, and there’s a feeling in you who wants to share everything you know and let people know about it.

By other hand, after doing a blog you can do your own book or an e-book and have a nice business from it. So, in every aspect having a blog after a few years of experience is highly recommended for you career.

Today we’re going to give you the best tips to have success with your own blog, if you’re thinking in start one. Let’s start with it!

1. The Knowledge

First of all, you can’t start a blog without having the right knowledge, because it would be a failure if it weren’t like that. People will search your blog; because of the knowledge you share and the posts you show every week. This is very important to have success as a blogger; this will be your key to success as a photographer. If you share good knowledge it means you’re a good photographer.

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

2. The Structure

You need to think very well the structure before showing to the world your blog as a photographer. The best advice is to analyze everything; take a pen and a white sheet and start structuring your blog. Here are some ideas to start from:

  • Name and number: Select your blog name and how many sections it will have
  • Your principal subject or multiple subjects: Photos, Tips, Courses, Analyze, Photoshop, Cameras, etc
  • Posts: Articles, Videos, Photos, Interviews, Mix of everything, etc
  • Schedule the time for each post: daily, one every week, two every week, per month, etc. Also, the best hours to posts, you must analyze that with the time
  • Social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Channel, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
  • Personal contact: People can comment or not in your posts? Where they can contact you?
  • Theme: General photography or a specific area of photography?
  • The public: Adults, Teenagers, Everyone? This will help you to do the graphic design of your blog and they way you explain things

It exits a lot of aspects to analyze, these I gave you are only a few ideas so you can start in the right way, but you can handle it the way you want.

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

3. The Publicity

To have success as a blogger, you need to do a good publicity of it. Maybe at first you’ll need to pay to show your blog in some sites and social networks, sponsored by Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. After you got some followers you’ll need to do some contests to get more popularity and have some interaction with the clients.

Don’t worry if you spend a little bit of budget with this at first, after is going to be you who will received some money to advisor others in your blog, so welcome to the “boomerang effect”. Also, after you get popularity you’ll receive tons of work propositions for magazines, events, weddings, models, etc. So, prepare yourself for success!

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

4. The Photos

When you do your blog you need to have something in mind: your photos will be public and available to see by everyone. So, here we have 3 options:

  • Use a license in your site such as the “Creative Commons Corporation” this is a must as an artist if you don’t want to lose money
  • Put your pictures in a regular resolution (which if you’re a photographer that could damage your reputation
  • Put watermarks in every photo and let everyone know that they don’t have rights to use it

Here’s an idea to take care your back: Do a section or a link where people can see the license and they can download it in a pdf file to read it better. This will help you to protect your work in any kind of ways.

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

5. The Taste

I highly recommend to check out different blogs no matter is they’re blogs from food, fashion, art, photography, the idea here is to have ideas! Yes, you need to have an impacting blog, this will get everybody’s attention and you’ll get popular from it!

My recommendation is to use contrast in colors, and always keep a clean, simple and elegant blog. As you can see it exists so many blogs that are taste less, so if you were someone who visits a photography blog you’d love to see the talent of the photographer in any corner of the blog.

It doesn’t make sense having amazing pictures but the blog or website is with big letters and different fonts everywhere, and lots of bright colors without a nice structure right? So, this is really important, if you don’t have the knowledge about it hired a graphic designer, but you must have a logo that mix with your talent and style, also with your blog, website and social networks, remember that you’re a brand!

In a photography website or blog the idea is to show your best photos, so the home page should be with a nice picture to get the attention!

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

6. The Content (Videos, Articles and E-book)

You need to pay attention to every detail if you want to have success, because you’ll be judge by every person who clicks your site. The content in these medias are practically online courses, so pay attention to every detail.

Video: Please! If you’re going to do some videos for your channel and blog chose a nice place with a good background and nice light. We don’t want to see the mess in your studio or house. So, be careful with this!

Article: If you’re the type of blogger who loves to write articles every week, try to pay attention to your writing; be careful with the mistakes and try to make sentences that everyone could understand, remember that a blog is not a scientific book.

E-Book: If you’re preparing yourself to announce an e-book remember to structure it very well. This works very well to engage your audience. The best advice is to give for free the first one and the second one you can sell it by 1.99$ or 2.99$ not very expensive, and the third one you can high up the price.

The idea here is to people read and buy your E-book in the Apple Store or Play Store; if you want to have success with it you need to start in these sites. Also, you can sell it in your blog, Facebook fanpage and others sites as a free promotion using a code to have 15% of discount. If you’re a mac user you can download for free the iBooks Author and you’ll have already samples to start with, the good thing is that you can send it directly to the Apple Store from your application. You have all the tools to start one: so what are you waiting for?

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

7. The Language

We need to use a basic language easy to understand for everyone, also the words and the photography expressions or jokes we need to explain them; it could happen that not everybody understand them, so we need to increase the knowledge in the audience if we want to make an impact; doing a little dictionary or review about the expression in a section is original and it could help a lot!

These are 7 advices to start a new blog as a photographer. Remember to do the whole re-search and structure it very well. Also, you need to have a certain knowledge about photography to start giving advices about it, but if you want to engage the audience of your blog since the begin of your career you can explain at first simple things about photography; like the best landscapes, or interviews with recognized people in the photography industry, everything’s valid the only so “Go For It”!

Best Tips to Have Success in a Photography Blog -

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