5 Methods to Get More Than Expected When Photographing a Model

When we have a model in our studio we need to get the maximum from that shoot if we want success with the client. That’s why today we are going to show you how to get more than expected when photographing a model.

5 methods to get out more then expected from a shooting with a model - tripodimages.com

  • Be Professional

The most important thing is to BE PROFESSIONAL, which means you have to BE PREPARED. But why? Let me tell you that the first impression is the most important; if the models see this in the first contact, it will give them lots of assurance to do the photo-shoot. Always try to make contact before the time by sending them your website and social networks. Talk very politely and be honest with them. Trust me, when the models feel comfortable, they will give you more than you expected from the photoshoot.

  • Have a Vision

Keep in mind the IDEAS you have for the photoshoot, and share your vision with the models before the day of shooting arrives. This will give them time to search the right clothes and the style you require for the shoot. Also, this will help you to be ready with all the tools you need before the day’s shooting.

So, never forget to do your research and share the information with your models, so that both parties can be prepared and anticipate the event.  This will also help you to spend less time (and also less money) on the actual shoot.

5 methods to get out more then expected from a shooting with a model - tripodimages.com

  • Different Positions

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for one specific pose; you always have to try doing different positions with the model – take advantage of the opportunity! Remember, some models have a ‘better’ side, which you must consider when planning the position. If you prepare yourself well before the photoshoot you will also have extra time to DO MORE PHOTOS to improve your portfolio.

You should always have different accessories in the studio, or in the place you’re shooting (if it’s an outdoor photoshoot) to get more from the model than you expected. The models are not the only ones who have to change positions; a professional photographer always tries different levels of height: NEVER STAY IN THE SAME POSITION.


Different Positions - tripodimages.com

  • Have a Connection

Photographing a model is about making a connection. For me, this is really important. You need to be on the MODEL’S LEVEL; it could be a child, a teenager, an old person or maybe a model with an outgoing attitude. So, you should always find the best way to connect with them; it could with jokes, past experiences, being polite with them, and so many others.

Always show your model the photos and let them be part of it. They will feel a good connection with you and they might even give you advice for the pose.  Sometimes you have to trust them; experienced models know their body and often this is really helpful to the photographer. With a good connection you’ll make the model feel comfortable and maybe they will stay a little bit longer just to try new ideas with you on the set!


5 methods to get out more then expected from a shooting with a model_2 - tripodimages.com

  • Photo Technique

This could be our number five; but that doesn’t mean it will be less important – to the contrary. When you are photographing a model and everything is in place, you will for sure get the picture you were aiming for, but I recommend you to try NEW IDEAS (do some rehearsals before the models arrive, so you won’t lose time on it later).

When I mention new ideas I suggest changing the lights set and changing the parameters of your camera: more exposure, slower shutter speed or maybe in black and white mode.  This is up to you, but it will give you another dimension as a photographer and you’ll have the advantage of a professional model on the set. I know you can change a lot of parameters in the post-production phase thanks to Photoshop, but this will make your work more valuable and less time-consuming in the editing part. It is very rewarding photographing a model. Just have fun and experiment with it!

Photo Technique - tripodimages.com

After knowing the five most important methods to get more than expected from a photoshoot with a model, I recommend you to keep searching, keep looking for new ideas, be creative, be polite and have fun! If you’re not enjoying your work, you will have difficulty achieving a good result.  So keep it mind to always do what you want and experiment with your camera’s parameters, you’ll be amazed at what you can get out of it!


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