7 Mistakes Photographers Do in Their Websites

We live in the virtual area; everything’s sells by Internet. This is the most precious way to get to know your work and have more contracts. If you’re a photographer without a website; believe me, you need to start thinking in one!

Photographers Websites

Today we’re going to talk about the mistakes that must all photographers do in their websites. In this business you need to keep it simple and sophisticated, but we’ve seen that for some photographers; more means better and it’s not like that! Let’s start with these 7 mistakes:

1. Logo (Time)

Lot of photographers spend so much time creating their logo; let me tell you that’s better to spend the time in taking photos and organizing them for your website than creating a logo. A good classy font and your name is the only thing you need for your website as a photographer. You can download different types of fonts by Internet (if the ones you have aren’t good enough) or hire someone to do your personal website.

If you’re trying to sell your skills as a graphic designer too that’s the only exception to spend a lot of time creating a logo; because you’ll be paid for this in the future and it’s the best example for your clients, your own website!

Photographers Websites

Good Fonts

Avenir, Futura, Adobe Caslon Pro, Open Sans, FreightSans, Atlantis Found, Cooperplate Gothic Light, Century Akzidens Grotesk, Univers, Gotham, Helvetica, Yuanti TC and one of my favorite ones Trajan Pro.

Photographers Websites

2. Introduction

Also, Lots of photographers do the mistake of putting an introduction in the main page; which it can be very annoying for the users who visit your page (not everybody has a good internet speed in the world). Never put music, videos or a long gif, this will make slower the download of the page and believe that people will leave your website because of that.

Try to keep it simple; at the end what you want is to show your talent as a photographer, not to annoying people when they’re trying to have a good time seeing pictures in the Internet.

Photographers Websites

3. Selection of Photos

One of the most difficult things as a photographer is to choose the right photo sequences for your portfolio in your website. You need to think very careful what you want to show and what’s your style and type of photography you’re selling as an artist.

First, these photos need to be in a very HIGH QUALITY with a good retouching. If you don’t have enough photos to classify your portfolio, you should start taking pictures and thinking of it before doing your website; you don’t want to pay for a blank page, you need to show your full potential if you’re spending money each year for that.

Some photographers don’t know how to classify their photos. I recommend you to do some specific series and other with some general themes; sports, fashion, portraits, documentary, etc. It’s up to you in how you want to show your job (this is very personal). Other thing is to update your portfolio once or twice per year; you need to show your new faculties as an artist.

Photographers Websites

4. The Bio

I know that sometimes we want to say everything about us and how amazing we are (joke!) but it’s truth, some photographers explain their whole life in their biography; and let me you that’s boring if it’s too long, most of the people will not read everything.

You should do a simple and direct biography explaining your vision and work as a photographer, if you’ve done other certificates that have nothing to do with the photography business do not include them, but if you’re selling different type of arts; let the world know your abilities!

Photographers Websites

5. The Web Developer

In this business is really important to have a good web design and mostly a good mechanism of the website: What does it means? This means that lot of photographers have their websites but they’re not updated or there’s lot of problems in terms of scripts and how’s done the page.

If someone can reach you, and you can’t receive the e-mails, answers and subscriptions of people; how do you want to increase your business? It’s really important to know that your website works pretty well, because if it’s the opposite, you’ll lose lots of potential jobs!

There’s a lot of site where it’s very easy to do a website by yourself (in case you don’t have one and you don’t have enough budget) or you kind hire a company to do it by you if it’s easier, such as medianovak.com

Photographers Websites

6. The BLOG

This is an optional decision for your website; but if you want to increase your popularity and have more contracts, you should do a BLOG SECTION in your website and share it in all your #socialnetworks. With this you’ll help people to know about the world of photography and you’ll be more popular, which it means more clients!

Photographers Websites

7. The Personality

Your website needs to have your own signature, personality. Yes, I mean this is pretty important for the business because creating a style will represent you as an artist. Some photographers make the mistake to put their work with a background and a font that doesn’t match with their portfolio. I know, that sometimes we’re in a rush to finish our website, but trust me it’s better to take a little bit longer and have an amazing website that describes your vision as a photographer. Some of meditation, painting and music can helps you to be creative in the making of your personal site.

Photographers Websites

With this article you already know what you shouldn’t do in your website if you want to have success, and if you’ve already done one; maybe it’s the time to change it and make a better website! Don’t hesitate, because the only thing you need is to HAVE TIME: to think, analyze and be creative with your own work, your own path! Good luck and see you in the next post!

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