Optonaut – 3D Panoramas with Your Smartphone

Have you ever dreamed of diving in into your pictures to be back in the wounderfull moment when you took it? This Kickstarter Campaigne can make it possible. See here how it works.

Optonaut – 3D Panoramas with Your Smartphone - tripodimages.com

Introducing Optonaut

Optonaut is an app that lets you easily capture and share places in 3D using your smartphone. Your friends can experience these places as if they were there themselves. All you need are Virtual Reality glasses like Google Cardboard (~20$). And the best part: for capturing, there is no additional device needed at all.

Why did we create Optonaut?

Imagine you just came back from an amazing holiday trip. Sun-tanned and with a smile on your face. While you unpack your suitcase you think about all those unique places you’ve seen. You are full of enthusiasm and can’t wait to share pictures of these places with your loved ones. Your pictures look nice but something is missing. It’s difficult for others to perceive depth and context of the scene with regular 2D photographs.

Virtual Reality photographs can be the solution to this problem. They generate a sense of depth by making use of 3D techniques and enable you to look around. But while this technology is getting more and more popular, there is still no easy way to create VR photographs on your own.

That’s exactly why we’ve created Optonaut says the inventor! So, if you belive in this idea – join them on kickstarter and become a backer.

How it works

To take a Virtual Reality photograph – or an Optograph, as we call it – you only need the Optonaut app. Slowly turn around and take a full panorama shot. Optonaut will do the rest for you.

While you’re recording a scene, our servers do the magic of creating a 3D image. It took us quite a while to figure out this step.

After you have fully captured the scene, you can share the Optograph with your friends and family. The Optograph can be viewed with any Virtual Reality glasses like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Durovis Dive. You simply need to put your phone into one of those and you’re good to go.

Current progress

Prototypes of all major components are finished by now. We’ve developed a first version of the Optonaut app which includes the recording and viewing process as well as basic community features.

Our 3D image processing algorithm already generates amazing results but still has some issues with more complex scenes and exposure balance. Additionally, we’ve created a web-based viewer component which works on many platforms including Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Android and iOS. This allows people to view your Optographs without having to install the app.


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