5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

Nowadays, in the world exists lots of photographers; for every different type and style of photography, but there are some mistakes that no matter where you are or what you’re doing every photographer does all the time and they don’t know what it’s wrong.

Today I’m going to guide you to be a better person and of course a better photographer telling the 5 mistakes that lots of photographers do all the time. Let’s start with the countdown!

1. “ZERO” Social Networks

Let me tell you that we’re leaving in the era of the Internet; if a photographer don’t use the Internet to increase their popularity; trust me you’ll have less clients and contracts. People love Internet, followers and mentions; Let’s help each other to increase our social networks!

5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

2. Don’t Smile

Yes, this is a huge mistake, most of the photographers when they’re working they don’t smile and let me tell you that it creates an uncomfortable environment, a photographer is not only the person who take pictures in a party or in an event; a photographer search to capture the moment making people happy with some jokes and comments. People need to connect with you and smiling is the best way to it!

5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

3. Too Many Gadgets

Some photographers think that more gadgets make you more professional, but they’re very wrong. You just need a camera, maybe some basic gadgets and most of all “THE EYE” to be an expert in photography, some people born with that, others they develop it; no matter the case, everything’s valid!

Also, when you’re doing an outdoor photo-shoot or working in an event with too many gadgets: this means more stress to carry them and to be worry about their safety (we know these accessories costs us lot of money $$$). Think first what you really need before leaving your home/studio!

5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

4. Dress Up Improperly

As I told you, in photography or in any other job you need to be well dress up, this reflects a lot of your personality as a professional. Try always to use neutral colors, such as; black, white, beige, brown, dark blue or any other color without stamps. Also, you can give a little bit of color if you want but always looking very classy and professional (this goes mostly for weddings or any important event) and remember that for the woman you need to be with confortable shoes.

Par example, if you’re going to take pictures in the nature; you’ll probably need a whole different wardrobe, with boots, comfortable pants with pockets, a hat for the sun or maybe a jacket for the coldness. Do the re-search of the perfect clothes before leaving your home!

5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

5. I’m The Best

One true thing is that we need to be humble no matter what, maybe we’re charging 5,000 $ for an hour of photo-shoot that doesn’t mean we need to have “I’m the best sign” in our chest.

People who made it in this world they never show them off as the best ones! Also, all professional person needs to have a good vocabulary when they’re talking, sometimes people think “Because I’m an artist I can do and talk however I want” and let me tell you that’s all the opposite; as an artist YOU NEED TO BE THE EXAMPLE! You need to show them how to be professional and mostly if you have lots of followers and fans in the social networks!

5 Mistakes That Every Photographer Should Not Do

Now that you know the 5 most popular mistakes photographers do, you can be prepared to go into the photography business! Remember, that a good photographer is not only a good pictures, it’s the whole package! Good luck and see you in the next post!

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