7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover

Nowadays we have the Internet that could make the world of magazines go down, but these magazines took the Internet and made a good plan with it. Lot of people though that newspapers and magazines will disappear with this technology, believe me I thought the same thing! But thanks to the publicists and the department of redaction this never happened but they needed to be more creative with the articles and covers to have success.

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

Today we’re going to inspire you to do a kick ass original magazine cover. From the basics ones (the ones that are still selling) to the original ones that are impacting the world of photographers and graphic designers these days. We need to remember that these covers are all over the Internet and they’re lots of magazines that are only online (this give to the world a whole new perspective to sell or to be recognized as a magazine).

1. The Articles

We’re here to talk to the pictures and formats for the magazines covers, but we need to remember that the articles and the editorials are the base of the magazine, without it there’s no sense. So, to do a good magazine cover we need to put the principal articles in the cover, so the reader can take a fast look meanwhile he walks (we need to catch his attention). The words need to be around the photo, maybe on the top or under it but you need to see the principal photo. The type of letter, color and size will depend on the importance for each article and of course this have to match with the cover photo!

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

2. The Basic Cover

The basic cover is the one where is a model smiling in the middle of the magazine; this could be half body, full body or just the face; most of the time people take famous people to sell more (Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vanity, etc.) Nowadays this has changed; there are lots of magazines that use arts and creative cover with people we’ve never seen before or with famous people too; this goes mostly for artistic magazines (this is a plus to the magazine if they want to have an impact in the market).

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

3. Outrageous Cover

As I said before there’re lots of magazines these days using a dynamic and creative covers to get people attention, less articles and an image more impacting and extravagant. This works really good for the new magazines that are trying to have an impact in the market, also for the artistic magazines or the high fashion magazines that want to give a twist to their covers. Remember, that everything’s possible you only need to talk with the team of the magazine to schedule everything.

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

4. The Mix of Color

We need to be very careful with the mix of colors, we need to do contrast but also the cover can’t be over charged with lots of colors (it doesn’t look good). The photo need to be very clean without stamps in the clothes if there’s going to be lots of titles and letters in the cover; if it’s going to be only the name and the photo without lots of letters you can use stamps in the clothes and all crazy ideas you have for the background and the model in the cover, if not you need to stay with the basics (color, letter type and photo).

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

5. The Background

The background will depend of the magazine team and your perspective as a photographer. Most of the time for the magazines, people use one color in the background, which it’s ok but not original at all, you can use lots of colors but with  “blur/unfocused” style or maybe something really charged if it’s the case and the style of the magazine, but all the colors need to have a good balance between them. You can use also an outdoor background, because it’s kind of boring always using the studio for a magazine cover. Just do the re-search and be creative!

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

6. The Models

The models are the principal element for a magazine cover, I always recommend to use extravagant poses if it’s for a high fashion magazine, use a natural and a girl next door with a smile if it’s a magazine for society and of course use no matter what kind of models if it’s for an artistic magazine. Like I said before it will all depend on the STYLE of the MAGAZINE and of course the month you’re trying to cover; for example if it’s December maybe you’ll be using something related to the holidays, if it’s the summer maybe the colors will be brighter and colorful, with smiles and fresh clothes, if it’s January the month of the Oscars maybe you’ll find an actress/actor who’s nominated, etc. Just make sure to find your perfect model with agencies that know what you’re looking for!

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

7. The Light

The Light have to be always very clean and basic, maybe you can play a little bit with the shadows if the theme it’s politics, or the style of the magazine is very extreme, it could depend also of the month issue, but if it’s not the case you need to always use a light for the face with a reflector, one for the hair, another one for the background (at least these 3 lights set) you can also use a natural light if it’s in the summer or in a beach, it will all depend on the magazine and the style of the issue number, but remember to always have a beautiful soft light for the face and skin (which will be retouch after in Photoshop).

7 Ways To Do An Original Magazine Cover - tripodimages.com

Here you have 7 basic steps to have an original magazine cover, the cover will always depend on the style of the magazine or the event that’s everybody talking about. Remember to always have a good retouch after in Photoshop not too much, but the cover has to be very clean (the model and the background). Try to always ask for opinions and have a good team to make a kick ass magazine cover! Hope you have a blast making one of this and see you in the next post!

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