5 Top Light Sets Every Photographer Should Know

In photography, the most important thing is the light; without it we won’t have a photo and without the shadows we can’t have it either. A good light set is everything in photography. To have success you need to know how the light works, and play with them to have new ideas, there are some light sets that every photographer should know. This is THE BASE of your career.

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

Today we’re going to show you the 5 top light sets that will guide you through your entire journey as a photographer; they’re very simple but truly beautiful as lighting for a photo. So, let’s begin!

1. The Triangle

This is the basic one; you only need two lights in both side (A and B) where A or B needs to be more diagonal of the objet/person you’re trying to photographed, and the third light will be for the background. All the lights should have a soft box except the backlight; this one should be in different colors, intensity and different accessories but never a soft box – angled from above the person/object.

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

2. The Painting

If we want achieve the effect of an original portrait, we need to stay true to the light of the XVIII century paintings; very drastic in the face without losing the beauty of it. For this type of lighting you can use just one light without the soft box, but by using the rack accessory which will produce a more diffused light for the portrait.

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

3. The Twins

This light set is really interesting. It will have a different effect on your model/object, and you can also change with the angle of the box lights. Try always to put them perpendicular to each other.

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

4. The Front

This light goes in the front of the object/person.  You’ll probably need a reflector if it’s for a portrait, because you want to have a beautiful light on the face without too many strong shadows. You need to use this light with a soft box (most of the time) but you can experiment without it.  It depends on the effect you want to achieve, and you can add and play with the backlight too.

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

5. The Contrast-Light

You create this light set by placing one light in the back of the person without lights in the front.  This will create an amazing shoot, which is mainly used for experimental or conceptual images.  You can play with the intensity to create a variety of different images. It works to replace the sun (a sunrise or sunset contrast).

5 Top Light Sets - tripodimages.com

You see! These light sets are so easy to do and at the same time it offers you an original result. You can play with the different intensities of the light, with the apertures of your camera and the shutter speeds too.  You have millions of options to match your creative ideas! Go and play with your toys!


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