Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About

I think this article will blow your mind; one thing you should know when you’re starting in the photography business is about the photographers that had inspired a lot of artists and left a mark in our culture.

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About

Nowadays, they’ve inspired tons of photographers, and I think you should know about them a little bit more. Believe me this article will change the way you see photography and it will help you to find your own style!

1. James Nachtwey (Photojournalism)

This photographer is really known about his work in wars, he does photojournalism and he’s taking everyone’s breathe away with his pictures. The way he sees through the lens make you be real; you can feel the pain, and in some cases the joy of the people in front of the camera, this man has changed the world. He’s a truly legend, he’s specialty is the black and white photos with a lot of contrast, if you haven’t seen his film yet you don’t know what you are missing; “War Photographer” nominated for an Oscar in 2011.

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About. James Nachtwey

2. Annie Leibovitz (Editorial – Portrait)

This photographer is the heart of VOGUE and also in the most important films in the history as a “Photography Director”. For the ones that don’t know her I must say that you’re a missing an incredible inspiring photographer. Her principal target is the high fashion editorials, her signature is the “Unrealistic/Fantasy Theme” she will make you travel to hidden places, everything in her pictures are perfectly done, she’s also very known to do some original portraits; the celebs like they never have been seen.

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About. Annie Liebovitz

3. David LaChapelle (Editorial High Fashion)

This American photographer made a huge difference in our culture. He’s characterized by the naughty glamour with a touch of pop culture! His work requires a big colorful production; from the set, models and costumes (if there is).  His work has been recognized all over the world in the most prestigious magazines. To love his work you need to have an open mind because his photos are very impacting and with lots of subliminal messages that no everybody can see and not everyone likes.

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About. David LaChapelle

4. Richard Avedon (Fashion – Portrait)

Richard Avedon is the father of the “High-Key” known as a style in the black and white photography. His photos are an enigma to the world, he photographed lots of amazing artists in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and you’ll know his work for the black and white photos where is the white that has a bigger impact into the pictures.

His work is characterized by the portraits of important people in our culture through the years, but always showing a new side of them, also he’s very perfectionism about his photos mostly when he does a fashion photo-shoot, believe me that you can see it through his pictures. He’s a master of the high-key light in the black and white photography. Trust me that you want to learn more about his work!

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About. Richard Avedon

5. Sally Mann (Fine Art – Controversial)

She’s a controversial photographer who has made an impact to our society, lot of people in the early of 90’s protest against her calling her photos as a pornographic, which I’m totally disagreed, her work is pure art, she uses most of the time film cameras, creating an unique work as a photographer. In her photos you’ll see lot of kids showing an adult attitude that created an impact to the world thanks to the messages she gives into the photos, also the landscapes are very popular in her work as a professional photographer.

The tones she uses is always a duotone or black and white photos, her photos show the intimate space of people and individuals, that moment that you keep to yourself and no one can see. She’s a truly inspiring photographer not only because she’s a women with 3 kids, because she knows how to capture that “real feeling”.

Top 5 Inspiring Photographers You Should Know About. Sally Mann

Well, here you have the top 5 inspiring photographers in the history of time, let me tell you that exits a lot more, but I tried to show you different styles and original photographers, because a lot of the other photographers in the history are based and inspired in these ones. So, I let you to find your own inspiration that will be your own signature!

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