How To Do a Hair Photoshoot ?

The fashion industry is very versatile; it exists a lot of different types of photography and areas in this domain. We can see the editorials for clothes, sunglasses, shoes, make-up, or just for fun in this industry.

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

Today we’re going to explain the hair, yes the hair, and it’s really amazing what you can do with it; this is new way to see photography, it’s incredible how cool and all the creativity we can use in this type of photos. So, let’s get inspired!

1. The Idea

The most amazing thing about this type of photography is that you can play a lot; it exits a lot of ideas, more than you can even imagine. This is the basic, you can do the re-search in internet looking for the websites of Revlon, L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Sexy Hair and all the hair companies in the industry. Believe me that this is a very interesting area; trust me one you’ve done this maybe you’ll find your true passion!

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

2. The Style

OMG! This is the best one; with this type of photoshoot you can do whatever you want. The style for this type of photoshoot has to be clean and exaggerated; it doesn’t matter if it’s exaggerated in the minimalistic way or the opposite. The truth is that you need to impact!

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

3. The Light

This is the most important issue in every photoshoot, but is this type of photos you need to create a beautiful light in the hair; you’re selling a hairstyle, a product or the artist creation. So, you need to be very careful with this. Here are some tips for the light; use a light like the beauty photoshoot a principal one with a nice giraffe in the hair or a light in the back, also is very popular to use just one (1) light in 45 degrees and do a high contrast just to give the attention to the hair and the face.

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

4. The Model

The model needs to be someone that the artist searches; the model needs to be open to change the hair color or to do a messy and extravagant hairstyle. Also, the model needs to be very expressive with the eyes and the face expressions; this is very important to have a good result in this type of photos.

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

5. The Clothes

For this type of photoshoot everything’s valid from colorful to only black; if you want to impress and show only the look you need to use black or white, but if you’re selling products or a whole image you can play with the stamps and colors, this is something that all the make-up/hair companies do for the publicity on internet, posters, banners and TV. So, it will all depends if it’s a catalog or a creative shoot.

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

6. The Make-Up

The make-up is important as the hair, because you’ll shoot the hair but you need the face for it, maybe you’ll not shoot the body but the face and the neck it’s a must if you’re shooting a hairstyle, so I recommend to use an impacting make-up to bring life to the eyes and the look of the model it depends of what the artist wants as a final result, but believe me that you need to find a good MUA (make-up artist) to collaborate/work with you if you want an impacting result.

How To Do a Hair Photoshoot

Here you have 6 tips to have an amazing hair photoshoot, believe me that this type of photography is very popular nowadays thanks to the abundant products that exists in the world and mostly because each hairstylist wants to improve and create new fashion trendies for each season! Good and luck and keep improving!

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