How to Take a Good Portrait ?

There are different ways to take portraits; but there are some things that are really important no matter the technique you’re using. Today we’re going to explain you different tricks to have a good portrait picture; we’ll explain step by step what you should do and you should not do to have an original, creative and unique picture.

How To Take A Good Portrait

1. The Re-Search

When you’re doing the portrait of someone; YOU NEED TO HAVE A THEME. Yes, a theme! Maybe it can be a surrealistic and original theme or maybe just some portrait related to his/her job or carrier; you need to have a decoration in the background or at least to know which colors you’re going to apply.

Par example, if it’s a democrat (political figure) you’re going to use different shadows of blue/grey giving him an interesting portrait, or maybe you’re just going to do the photograph in his/her office; this can work too.

How To Take A Good Portrait

2. Prepare The Set

One thing that’s true, it’s that you need to search all the things you need if you’re shooting in the studio or if you’re going to somewhere, remember to always have a chair close to you, most of pictures will be from the waist to top.

A good light set it’s required; remember to play to have different effects; if it’s going to be more like a magazine style or more artistic in your own kind of way.

How To Take A Good Portrait

3. Set The Appointment

One thing that’s very important is to set the appointment with the person who’s going to be photographed. This is part of the photoshoot because without the person you can’t take the shoot and you need to confirm and arrange everything before the photoshoot day. Be organized and everything will be great!

4. The Clothes

When we’re doing a portrait shoot we need to be very careful with the clothes, this will say A LOT of the person you’re trying to shoot. You need to talk to your client and talk about “What’s the style he/she is trying to show into the portrait?” You need to talk very open with your client to have a good result!

How To Take A Good Portrait

5. Good Relation

When you’re doing a portrait shoot you need have a good relation with your client, try to put him/her in an environment where they feel comfortable and they can be their selves; this will show their personality, try to figure out what they love and make a good conversation with them so they can be open to you and you can their best shoot!

How To Take A Good Portrait

6. The Environment

I know that translate all your equipment to someone’s house, office or into a park par example is more work and take a lot of time too; but let me tell you it will give you an original result and also your client will be very confortable to be in an environment that he/she knows very well. Also, this will be cost a little bit more because it’s an outdoor shoot and you need to carry with your equipment.

How To Take A Good Portrait

7. Expressions

One good advice to have an original picture is to make laugh your client, talk to him/her, do some jokes and mostly if there’s kids in the shoot. You need to get the best shoot and sometimes the best shoot is not the perfect one, it’s the one that’s original and you can see through the picture the real person, use unique poses and expressions and you’ll show a side of the client that no one has seen before.

How To Take A Good Portrait

Here you have the best advices to have the perfect portrait. Remember, a good portrait is not always a good technique of light or perfection in your picture; the most important thing about the portraits is to show something of the person you’re shooting that no one has seen before; colorful portraits are very good but in the black and white pictures you can see more of the true expressions; it’s all about what do you want to transmit and your style as a photographer.

Be original, be creative and don’t be afraid of experiment with the camera and the set!

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