Freelance Photographer: Best Tips to Have Success in the Industry

We all know that the photography industry is very competitive and demanding in terms of creativity. So, today we’re going to give you the best tips to have success in case you’re a freelance photographer who wants to get noticed in the industry; it could be in your own town, country or internationally. The difference between these will be your ambition and the way you organize your work.

Freelancer Photographer: Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

Let’s start with the best tips to succeed as a Freelance Photographer!

1. The Type

The first question you need to ask to yourself is “What type of photographer I want to be?” This is a primary consideration, because you need to focus your attention and your portfolio direction depending on the answer to this question. This will be the key of your success; if you know what you want from the beginning, believe me you’ll have a good portfolio to show in the end. Some people focus their portfolio in more than one area, but the success comes in choosing one area and be the best in it!

If you’re a beginner freelance photographer let me help you with the different styles/types of photography: Fashion, Portrait, Photo-journalism, Events, Food, Product, Beauty, Wedding, Sport, Food, Post-production (Photoshop Intervention) and so much more, but these are the principal ones.

Freelancer Photographer Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

2. Good Portfolio

After you decided what kind of photography you’ll be showing the industry, you need to start thinking of how you will increase your portfolio with professional pictures. For this, try to do a series or different styles of the same type of photography.

For example, if beauty is your passion, try different types of skin colors (models), and play with the make-up and accessories; from simple photos to the very extravagant ones, this variety will give you original pictures and a professional portfolio. Try to find a nice crew; make-up artist, assistant and a hairstylist. By the way, the make-up artists “MUA”  and hairdressers love to be part of this!

Freelancer Photographer Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

3. The Publicity

As a freelance photographer need to have a website and start doing a lot of publicity through your social networks. It is really important that you start showing your work through the Internet; this is free publicity. But, you need to go step-by-step and analyze every move to adjust when needed. Send at least one post every day or every two days, Facebook and Instagram are a MUST!

You can use software like Hootsuite, Latergramme, or the Facebook schedule in the FanPage there are only a few of the applications you can use to schedule your post and save a lot of time!

Freelancer Photographer Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

4. Go to Trade Exhibitions / Fashion Shows

The best way to get contacts is going to trade exhibitions or fashion shows; you’ll meet people from the industry who will inspire your next photo-shoot. Here, the most important is to mix with people from the media. Also try to find models and make contact with the young agencies in the modeling business; this way you will gain popularity and get noticed as a photographer.

Freelancer Photographer Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

5. The Attitude

Your attitude as a freelance photographer is very important.  This will make a big difference to your chances of succeeding against the competition. Your attitude needs to be humble, yet very confident in the way you speak and move. You need to show an professional attitude towards clients, models and everyone you deal with in the industry. Always give a strong handshake and a smile every time you meet someone. Remember, that a good attitude is the start to having a good reputation in the industry.

Freelancer Photographer Best Tips To Have Success In The Industry -

So, these 5 tips will give you a base to start your own business. If freelance photography is your passion this will be your way to start – you need to focus on what you want and where you want to be as an artist. Check the websites and get inspired, try to always take different pictures in each session to build your portfolio. Maybe at first you will need to invest some money, but the best recommendation to success is to invest time and practice.  Through experience you will achieve excellence. Good luck and see you in the next post!

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