10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

When we’re starting in photography, we’re new in the business and we don’t know how to handle certain situations; like going as a wedding photographer for the first time, or maybe a party or another social event. Yes, I was afraid too at first, because it’s a whole new world for you like it was for me!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

Today we’re going to give you simple but basic rules you have to be aware before going to a social event. Let’s start with the countdown!

Basic Rules For Event Photographers:

1. Don’t Forget To Bring The ‘EXTRA ONE’

You can’t ever go without an extra pair of batteries, memory cards, lens or another charger! This is really important and you have to be prepared; because when you’re out there you never know what could happen!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

2. Always Confirm The Appointment

Well, has you can notice in the world there’s different kind of people, so you, as a professional photographer, you need to confirm and re-confirm the appointment (At least 2 times) Remember not every body is punctual as you are, and if you’re not; you need to start practicing if you want to grow up as a professional one.

3. Check Everything Before Leaving The House

Doesn’t matter if you’re leaving your home or the studio, the truth is that you have to double-check everything before leaving the place. When you’re in the event there’s nothing you can’t do about if you forgot something important, and also you have to do the same when leaving the social event.

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

4. Bring An Assistant

At first, we don’t want to pay an assistant, but let me recommend you that if you’re doing a wedding (Please hire one!) this will represent professionalism; you’ll less tired and just focused to have a good final result. Don’t hesitate for it and find a good one!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

5. The Right Clothes

When you’re doing a social event, you HAVE ALWAYS TO LOOK GOOD and with PROFESIOLISM. I recommend you to use unique colors, such as the basic ones; black, white, beige, dark blue and brown. You can mix these colors between the t-shirt, jacket and the pants with an elegant pair of shoes, I’m sure you’ll needle it! For weddings you’re going to be very classy but confortable, with other type of events you can be more fresh and less formal; all depends on the costumer and the social event!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

6. Have A Good Communication

This is really tricky, because you need to balance the communication in a social event; you can’t talk a lot and don’t do your job, be careful with this! You need to be formal, open but professional! Always remember that you were hired to do pictures not to have new friends. Smile and just see how the event rolls; maybe at the end when you’ve finished; you can enjoy a little bit if your costumer invites you!

7. Never Stop Smiling

This is really true, one thing you have to do always in a social event is to give smiles; people there are celebrating something and the less they want is a sad person in the middle of the party. So, remember always to give your best and natural smile!

8. The Right Equipment

The first thing you need to do as a photographer is to start buying your own personal equipment, and always be prepared for a social event; lights set, flash, transmitters, lens, tripod, memory cards, batteries, and the exposure meter as the basic ones. Never compromise yourself to do an event if you don’t have the right equipment, it’s better to be honest and figure out how you’re going to do it than saying lies to have the contract right away; the idea is to win costumers, not lose losing them!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

9. Prepare Your Rates

If you want to star as an event photographer, you have to do different contracts and plans for your costumers; the difference prices, hours and number of photos. It doesn’t look very professional that someone asks you for your wedding prices and you don’t know what to answer. In this job you have to always be prepared. Prepare with anticipation your model contract, and your business card!

10. The Image

This is the most important thing of all, when I’m talking about your image I mean the whole image of the enterprise; the website, the social networks, the equipment, the result, the assistants, everything that your company’s involve. Before going to war, you need to have a plan to follow, and it’s the same for the photography business, being a good photographer is not only giving good photos; it’s a whole representation of yourself to the world!

10 Rules That All Event Photographer Should Know About

With this countdown you know already what do to and not to do, as a photographer I recommend you to follow your heart but have a plan in your hands. You’ll meet different kind of people, cultures and personalities; remember to always look professional and open to every situation! Good luck in this new journey!

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