How To Do Good Pictures In A Concert ?

Each event is unique as so it is the photography, today we’re going to talk about the concerts; the music in front of you and you as a photographer; there looking what’s happening around you, thinking to take THAT MOMENT that will last forever.

Yes, the photographers in the events have a huge responsibility but also good relationships with different artists all around the world.

Also, this could help you to get more followers letting more people to know your work; thanks to the use of #hashtags or #mentions of the artists, probably lot of people who follow them will starting following you thanks to your pictures. If you’re new in the business this is the best way to start!

Basic TIPS to have good pictures in a concert:

Never Forget The Details

As a photographer you should never forget the details of everything around you. You need to be very cautious with this, take pictures of everything; the hands, the expressions, the drinks, food (if there is), the stage, the instruments, the singer of course, the whole band in action and most of all the public in action.

Don’t Worry About The ISO (Max.800)

In the concerts you’re allow to have some grains in the photos; it’s normal, we all know that there’s not much light in the concerts, so you can use a high ISO but do not exaggerate it too much, after you can do some arrangements in Lightroom or Photoshop and it will look awesome!

Never Forget To Bring An External Flash

This is very important, I know that a flash can break the moment and the passion of actions; but if you need it you MUST USE IT. This will give an awesome and original touch to your picture (you can play a lot with an external flash) and also you’ll have a very good quality in your pictures (using a ISO in 100 or 200 will be perfect).

Be A Ninja

You know that ninjas are characterized to be very smooth and soft, well let me tell you that you have to be like them in a concert, don’t laugh because it’s true! Yes, in a concert we should be all quite to not disturb the public and also the artist, so give your best and don’t hesitate to be a ninja, where the weapon is the your camera!

Have FUN

The most important of all, is to have fun! When you’re in a concert you need to have fun and enjoy what you are doing, and believe me, in a concert with good music and maybe with access to the backstage; nobody’s going to be disappointed! Enjoy the music, enjoy life and of course enjoy taking THE MOMENT!

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