How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot ?

In this article we’re going to explain how to make great pictures in a beauty photoshoot. Nowadays, the industry of beauty and fashion/make-up blogging are ruling the Internet’s world and lot of artists need a good portfolio. Also, big companies as Revlon, MAC, Marc Jacobs, Cover Girl, etc. are always searching to do a beauty photoshoot for the publicity in the street, stores and so many places for each season.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

Today you’ll learn how to use the right lights, the frame, the model’s posture, the post-production, the photography accessories you need and mostly the model’s attitude!

1. The Lights

A beauty photoshoot is based in a good portrait image using a soft light with contrast; to stand out the whole face and eyes of the model. The idea is to create a beautiful photo: soft, elegant and radiant, but how to do this? First, you need to structure the right lights:

  1. A light in the front:

This will be the principal light; you need to use a soft box in the front of the model’s face to cover everything. It exist other types of lights more like a “Ring” around the lens or like a round strobe with a tripod which is very used nowadays and it gives a nice effect to the model’s face and eyes.

  1. Light in the background:

You’ll need a backlight to separate de model from the background, this will give a professional look and the attention will be in the model’s face.

  1. Lights in each size:

These lights are optional, it depends of what you want; you can create some nice shadows to have a higher contrast in the face; which can be very interesting as image or you can use only a light in one side. The only way to know it, it’s to try it.

  1. Reflector:

If you want that your beauty shoot be a success, you MUST use a reflector. Your assistant will put the reflector a little bit lower than the neck; this will create a good illumination in the face, eyes and also you’ll take off the shadows in the neck and face of the principal light (front light).

The color you’ll use it depends on what type of photoshoot you’re doing and also it depends on the model’s skin, but I’d definitely prefer the silver one, you can use how many reflectors you need in case you don’t have enough lights in the set. Also, the color will depend on the main style and the subject of the photoshoot:

Silver: Beauty, jewelry, make-up artist portfolio, portrait, magazine cover.

Gold: Tan skin, beach photoshoot, gold inspiration, etc.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

2. The Frame

The frame has to be very close. From the shoulders to the head, living a little bit of space in both sizes and over the head. This is a personal choice, but a beauty shoot is based in the face and neck. So, everything has to be very symmetric and perfect; you’ll see a lot of details.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

3. The model’s posture

This is the most important one; you need to search a model with beautiful hands, great smile, great teeth and mostly with at least a nice skin (without acne I mean), because if isn’t like that you’ll spend lot of hours editing the skin.

So, after you’ve chosen the right one, you need to figure out how to guide the model through the whole photoshoot; where to look, long neck, soft hands (not rigidity), soft expression lines of the face (at least you want someone laughing really loud with a natural expression), the openness of the mouth, serious, and the most important the eyes; very open transmitting something.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

4. Photography Accessories

For a beauty photoshoot you need several accessories to make a good photo; like fabrics, flowers, chains or any accessory that can help you to make the image more impressive.

In the area of photography, the accessories you’ll need are a reflector (as we talked before), a light meter (test the right light), soft boxes, a grilled for the light (if you want a more intense and artistic light like the “Rembrandt”) and of course an assistant to help you.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

5. The Attitude

As a professional you need to know what you are doing; so, your attitude needs to be very polite and professional, mostly you need to guide the model and do some tests to know how’s going to be the model’s attitude, where she/he has to look and how to pose for a good body language. A beauty photoshoot can go from something really sweet, natural and romantic to something really extravagant, fashion and out of ordinary, it’s up to you to make the client happy with the result and be creative with it.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

6. The post-production

This is one of the most important aspects of a beauty shoot. You need to do a good post-production, with this I mean to do an excellent job in Photoshop. You’ll need to do a very professional job in cleaning the skin and standing out all the little details; like intensify the illumination in the look, eyes, make-up and hair.

Don’t forget that this photo is a close-up and everything needs to be perfect. Also, with the Dodge/Burning tools you’ll intensify the backlight, the face illumination and the shadows, and if there’s any color you want to increase the intensity, you just need to put a little of saturation in those areas with the Sponge tool.

How To Do a Good Beauty Photoshoot

So, here you have 6 tips about #HowTo do a beauty photoshoot. Remember that’s all about the face, body language and details. Maybe is a little bit simpler than a fashion shoot with the whole body, but everything needs to be extremely perfect because of the lens proximity, try to play and get creative; it will guaranty you the success! Good luck and see you in the post!

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